Are you thinking about hiring a freelance writer?  Here are four traits to look for.


A freelance writer should be a pleasure to work with. After all, her job is to make your job easier. Good freelancers will respect your position and understand the pressures you’re under to complete the work. A courteous writer will have a friendly, approachable attitude and will follow through with promises.


A good freelance writer will have a natural curiosity to learn about your business, your challenges, and your goals. If the writer isn’t interested in what you do, then how can she get others to care? A good writer must be curious enough about your business to ask the right questions.


Freelance writers should know more than just how to spell. Excellent communication requires an understanding of basic grammar, sentence structure and word choice. English is a tricky language, but knowing the difference between its/it’s and there/their/they’re should come naturally to a writer. A competent writer produces copy that is accurate and error free.

Communication skills

Beyond grammar, a good freelancer will write clearly, concisely and effectively. An effective communicator speaks to the heart as well as the mind, and knows that big words aren’t always needed to explain big ideas. Good communication saves time, frustration, and ultimately, saves you money.

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