About Me

I have always liked languages. I suppose that’s why reading, writing and communicating have always been a part of my life. I started learning Spanish as a child, then majored in Spanish and minored in French in college.

My favorite language is my own native tongue English, rich in vocabulary and the ability to convey reason and emotion, great ideas and subtleties of meaning.

I spent 17 years in the educational field. First, I taught adults bilingually (English/Spanish), and later worked in interactive, televised education.

The last 16+ years have been in the non-profit sector, doing public relations, corporate communication and publication work, both print and online.

Becoming a freelance writer has been a great move for me. I enjoy being creative, learning and writing about new things.

I also enjoy translating (English/Spanish) and desktop publishing.

In my free time, I play with my dog, volunteer at my church, read a good book, cook, and treasure time spent with my friends.

How I can help you.

My job is to make your job easier. With over 25 years writing and editing experience, I have the skills you need to tell your story. (See the Services Offered page for a list of projects.)

I am especially good at turning complicated wording into simple, easy-to-read messages.

I’m an experienced writer and a fast learner. I understand the pressures and deadlines you face and I want your business to succeed.

You will also find me easy to work with, dependable and courteous.

"I have had the privilege to work with Gayle for over 14 years. She has excellent grammar, proofreading and editing skills. Gayle can adapt her writing style for a variety of audiences and always finds the right approach. She has helped share our stories in the medical communities, general public and web audiences. Her time management is impeccable as is her dedication to writing creative and business style material. Her talent with Spanish translations has helped us reach our Hispanic market and increased our ability to serve our Spanish-speaking customers. I highly recommend Gayle's talents to help make a valuable contribution to your writing projects."  Carmen Davila, vice president, corporate communications, BioBridge Global and its subsidiaries

Whatever the project may be, working with Gayle has always given me the assurance that the project is completed at the highest caliber. Her work is always clear and concise.” 
Roger Ruiz, public relations specialist, BioBridge Global.

"I've worked with Gayle the past few years and it has been all good! She listens to what I need and incorporates my ideas into her writing."
Mary Dial, manager, Blood & Tissue Center Foundation

"I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Gayle on numerous communications projects over the past decade, from Spanish translations to fundraising pieces. Gayle holds herself to the highest professional standards and it shows in the impeccable quality of her work." 
Lindsey Woodhaven, training and development manager, BioBridge Global

Prettyman's Pen is solely (and soulfully) owned and operated by Gayle Prettyman from San Antonio, Texas.

Please contact me with a description of your project for an estimate. Call me at 210.364.8930.