Services Offered

Here is a partial listing of my writing and publishing experience. Since every organization is unique, each project can be customized to fit your needs.

Writing Experience

1. Marketing

a.    Brochures and fliers

i.      Company profile

ii.     Step-by-step instructions
iii.    Informational brochures

b.    Advertising copy

i.      Newspaper ads
ii.     Magazine ads
iii.    Postcard  mailings

c.    Publicity, public relations

i.      News releases
ii.     Public service announcements
iii.    Video scripts
iv.    Radio scripts
v.     Press kits
vi.    Event scripting (run of show)
vii.   Event speaking points

d.    Direct mail pieces

i.      Postcards promoting upcoming events
ii.     Postcards call to action
iii.    Invitations

2.    Education

a.    Adult curriculum and lesson plans
b.    Standardized test questions for state-wide exams
c.    Collateral material for children’s educational
       television program
d.    Edit graduate-level thesis

3.    Corporate Communication
a.    Company profile
b.    Copy for product lines and procedures
c.    Copy for abstracts
d.    Infographics
e.    Internal Communications Manual

4.    Publications

a.    Internal employee newsletter (700+ readers)
i.      Industry news
ii.     Company policy
iii.    Management biographies
iv.    Human interest stories
v.     Articles on healthy lifestyle, communication, recycling and more
b.    External newsletters
i.      Quarterly community publication (mailing list 2,000+)
ii.     Annual Reports
iii.    E-Newsletters
1.    Fundraising
2.    Customer communications
3.    Industry information

5.    Web
a.    Company web pages
b.    Blogs
c.    Online surveys
d.    Social media posts

 Publishing experience:

  • Lay out brochures, newsletters and annual reports
  • Lay out business forms and questionnaires
  • Prepare material for publication in print or digital format

Resume: For a more traditional look at my work history, I've included my resume.

Contact me:  210-364-8930
Email: Gayle Prettyman